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The Tradition of Shiatsu Massage Evolves in Shiatsu Massage Chair

Shiatsu massage is a very effective massage therapy treatment. It has its origins in Chinese acupuncture. Shiatsu uses acupressure by pressing either the finger or thumb in trigger points located throughout the body. Shiatsu developed in Japan and has been shown to effectively relieve aches, pain and discomfort. It also helps increase awareness and mental sharpness. Massage chairs originated in Japan as a mechanical adaptation of shiatsu massage. Shiatsu was one of the first massage therapies to be successfully replicated in massage chairs.
Shiatsu massage has been found to have many benefits. It is based on enhancing the energy flow in the body via acupressure points. Shiatsu massage therapist manipulates the body's natural trigger points to unblock energy constraints. The acupressure massage component is complimented with chopping and kneading actions. This helps to stimulate muscles to restore flexibility and increase blood flow. Shiatsu is very effective in reducing soreness throughout the body.
Thanks to many breakthroughs in science and technology, many of the traditional shiatsu techniques have been successfully reproduced. One interesting technology can create a virtual map of your body's acupressure points. These points are then fed into the software program. The massage chair then customizes the shiatsu massage to each individual. The massage recliner actually targets your pressure points for systematic relief.
It is amazing how shiatsu evolved through human trial and error. The masters of old found correlations between specific pressure points and healing of the body. These were built up into a library of traditional shiatsu massage. Now this library is being fed into the computers and mechanisms the run the massage chairs. This evolution is sustaining the tradition of shiatsu in the technology of today.
The traditional shiatsu massage is based on the energy flow in the body. Shiatsu views the body as having natural energy pathways. When the body is out of balance, energy can be inhibited from flowing. Shiatsu uses particular pressure points to stimulate to restore the energy pathways in the body. Shiatsu uses percussion and firm pressure to loosen and relax the muslces. As the shiatsu is performed, energy flows and harmony is restored.
The acupressure of shiatsu massage incorporates different types of rhythms, techniques and pressure levels. There are different techniques to stimulate the trigger points. Many of these traditional shiatsu techniques have been replicated in massage chairs. There are robotic fingers that provide thumb like pressure. These can use firm or gentle pressure. They are also programmed to provide kneading to loosen muscles and vibration to enhance blood circulation.
If you carry a lot of tension and anxiety, let the shiatsu massage relieve you. Imagine coming how to your own shiatsu massage chair. It is there eagerly awaiting your arrival. Tension relief is just the push of a button away. Lean the massage recliner back and let the shiatsu massage melt your worries away. These massage recliners provide thorough and effective shiatsu massage therapy.
The shiatsu massage chairs today are beautifully crafted master masseuses. They have certainly overcome some major technical challenges. These sophisticated wonders have realistic feeling fingers and thumbs to provide superior back coverage. They are getting closer and closer to the human touch. They also have some distinct advantages. They are always available and never tire, even when you push their buttons. The shiatsu massage chairs of today are truly technological wonders that will soon be an indespensible asset in your home.
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