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5 Things You Need to Know: Buying Massage Chairs at Shows

If you are feeling out the market for massage chairs, then consider going to a Home Show or County Fair. You may find massage chair vendors. We have had many clients buy massage chairs at Fairs, for instance, and then only have a series of problems. We checked into a number of these venues as mystery shoppers posing as serious buyers. Based on input from our customers and our own firsthand look, we offer 5 tips to avoid mistakes, so you get the best massage chair to meet your long term needs.
1. Massage Chair Motors are Vital: You want to find out 2 things. Find out where the motors are made. The best motors come from Japan. They are precision made and long lasting. The motors need sufficient torque to power through the massage, since all your weight is put on them. You also want to ask how many motors they have. It is far better to have fewer high quality motors then many. You want to avoid getting low quality motors or you will have many service calls in the future.
2. Check Out the Warranty: There are 2 things to check on the warranty. First, what is the coverage offered? Second, can the company cover the warranty? For a $3,000 massage chair, you should get 3 years parts, 3 years labor and minimum 90 days in home technician service. Now, the more important question, will they be around to make good on the warranty! You need to go with a reputable massage chair maker. One that has retail clients such as chain stores, etc. There are too many massage chair vendors that are just one man operations and may not be there down the road.
3. Our Massage Chair is From Sanyo's Factory: One of the more interesting sales claims we came across with surprising frequency is that their chair is from a major brand's factory. The salesperson says they get their massage chair from them. I guess we are supposed to think that Sanyo is going to private label their chair to a guy who sells at a home show? The interesting thing is his price. Why is it so low compared to the real Sanyo. It doesn't make sense to us and shouldn't make sense to you either!
4. Can't Find the Kitchen Sink: We were surprised at how some of the booths were set up for some vendors at Home Shows and County Fairs. There are many manufacturer's that display at these shows and they will have 1 or 2 models to try. On the other hand, there are small importers that just got a container load of everything but the kitchen sink. Their booth is piled high with the stuff and they have a massage chair crammed in there as well. Be careful, that the chair being offered wasn't just the last great deal he got. Because after the sale, the chair becomes your problem. They may not have a national technician service network or even parts on hand. Go with the major brands and you will not regret it!
5. I Can't Believe The Deal I Am Getting: Always remember, you get what you pay for. There were few peddlers that offered a $5,000 massage chair for $1,500 and came with a 5 year warranty. Wow! We couldn't believe it. This chair is made in Panasonic's factory! We tried to do the math. Free shipping, long warranty and cheap price. They can't be making any money! How could we resist? Most likely we would have bought into a series of frustrating future problems and be left with a boat anchor in our living room.
You can really get good deals and find some of the major massage chair brands and top models at home shows and county fairs. We just want you to go with your eyes open, so you find the right massage chair for your requirements. It should last you years and provide you countless hours of soothing relaxation. Head our tips and you will be rewarded with the perfect massage chair. Happy shopping!
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